What is an Employee Assistance Program?

An employee assistance program, or EAP, is a counseling service for employees and their eligible dependents who may be experiencing personal or work place problems.

Why Does Your Employer Offer an EAP?

First, it's smart business. If you're doing well and day-to-day problems aren't a distraction, you are more likely to be alert, motivated and concentrating on your job. This means we have a more productive organization. Second, it costs more to hire and train a new employee than it does to help and keep a current employee. And third, we care about our employees. It's that simple.
What Types of Problems Does EAP Handle?

The EAP handles a wide range of problems. These include problems related to:
Alcohol Abuse
Drug Abuse
Work Place
Elder Care

Will the Counselor Keep my Problem Confidential?

Yes. Absolutely. Confidentiality is a requirement and a guarantee we make to all employees. No information goes anywhere without your request and written permission. Remember, too, counselors are specially trained in EAP work. They handle delicate issues, and they have the knowledge and skills to assist you toward solving your problems.
When Can I Schedule an Appointment?
Appointments are scheduled during the regular work day. Some evening times are available upon request. With approval, you may use work time to see an EAP counselor.
What is an EAP Counselor?
An EAP counselor is someone educated, trained and experienced in helping employees and their eligible dependents solve their problems or referring them to professionals or organizations in the community who can. EAP counselors typically are experienced in dealing with problems in substance abuse, behavioral health, relationships, work place and numerous social, and financial situations that plague all of us at one time or another.
EAP counseling is available for problems that can be resolved in a short period of time. You may receive up to six sessions per problem episode. For an appointment, please contact our office at 850-226-6430 so we can schedule your sessions.