All of our classes are series based with a class once a week for twelve weeks. All classes include a competency test and a certificate of completion.

Anger Management Classes

Clients will learn and be able to demonstrate comprehensive anger management skills.
  • Defining Anger
  • Recognizing that Anger is a secondary emotion
  • Situational analysis of personal anger, including signs and causes
  • Problem Solving
  • Changing Patterns and substituting positive behaviors

Parenting Classes

Clients are taught basic parenting skills and given insight into their own parenting styles.
  • Defining parenting styles
  • Positive parenting techniques
  • Enforcing good self-esteem and modeling good behaviors
  • Consistency, discipline and setting limitations
  • Blended families

Social Skills

  • Teaching individuals, who may or may not have emotional problems, about the verbal as well as nonverbal behaviors involved in social interactions.
  • How to engage in interpersonal skills, such as “small talk" in social settings, or the importance of good eye contact during conversations.
  • How to "read" subtle cues contained in social interactions, such as how to tell when someone wants to change the topic of conversation or shift to another activity.
  • Improving an individual’s ability to function in everyday social situations.
  • Social skills class can help an individual gain the assurance they need to be able to mingle with others or go to job interviews with greater ease and self-confidence.